Prison Ministry

July 2017 Ministry Update

July 2017

Dear Fellow Laborers in Christ,

I can’t believe it this late in the month already. Sorry for the delay in writing but in a minute you’ll have an idea why.

On July 6th, I flew to Philadelphia and then stayed with South Jersey Aftercare in one of their halfway houses. My daughter said, “Dad are you staying in a halfway house? I replied, “Yes, but there is nothing to worry about. The men that live there, I ministered to them while they were in prison. I know over half of them!” It was a great experience and to me it was only further ministering.” It was only a natural thing for me to do. That evening, I was able to preach at their Thursday night meeting. My topic was on Forgiveness and the passage was Matthew 18:21-35. Afterwards, the men spent the next 15 minutes discussing the importance of forgiving those that have hurt them. 

Sunday morning, I presented our ministry to Crossroads Baptist Church in Lakehurst, NJ during their Sunday School hour. The church voted to support us. PTL!!!  I preached the morning service and again my topic was on Forgiveness and the passage was Matthew 18:21-35. This is a topic that many people totally miss the boat on and we need to forgive. According to numerous passages if we don’t forgive God will turn us over to the tormentors! The message was well received. After the morning service, I left for Essex County Jail in Newark to visit with an inmate that I had ministered to in the past. I had an hour and a half visit with him. PTL! It definitely encouraged him. Plus, for me, it was a very rewarding day. I flew home Monday and spent eight hours trying to get home.

I’ve been using a book, The Freedom Factor by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson. I was able to order a case of them and I will now be donating them to facilities I work in and have relationships with. It is an excellent book and I know for those who read it and apply the teaching, it will change their lives.

We broadcast on the following radio stations: every Sunday morning on KIOU 1480 AM/FM Shreveport, LA at 10:45 a.m. ‘til 11:00 a.m. and on WDZY AM/FM 1290 Richmond, VA every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. ‘til 1:45 p.m. and on WYYC AM/FM 1250 every Thursday 12:30 ‘til 12: 45 p.m. If you’d like to sponsor one of our broadcasts, please contact us, we would love to have your support.   

If you have any prayer requests please let us know, so until next time.  

May God richly bless you and yours.

All for His glory,

Chaplain Rick & Lynne Vincent
Ezra 7:10

Bicycles and Radio?- An Update from Chaplain Rick

Our ministry for the men in Orlando has now expanded into a clothing, men's toiletries, bicycles and bicycle locks ministry!

If you are like most folks, you are probably wondering what do they need bicycles for? The answer will make sense to you once you realize that their driver's license probably expired while they were in prison. They do not have a car. When they are first released the most important thing for them to do is secure housing. Most do not leave prison with a lot of money so public transportation is a luxury to them.  A bicycle fills a lot of immediate needs. To date we have been able to give out 3 bicycles and I'm supposed to pick up another one tomorrow and I already have a request for it!

We do a radio program that airs in Shreveport, LA and Richmond, VA. The program airs on AM and FM stations. The stations are part of the Wilkins Radio Network. Today the radio station contacted me offering me the rest of June and July for free and then $145.00 a month for their station in York, PA, covering Harrisburg, York, Lancaster and surrounding areas, including a portion of Maryland. The market covers 1.1 million people in the primary signal area. It would also air on their AM and FM stations. That is getting the Gospel out to all those people at a great price. If you could sponsor a month or 6 months or a year, think of the folks that might be reached with the Gospel. I have to give them an answer asap. Please will you take that step of faith and answer God's call?  Let me know if you will donate to this. 

Many blessings to all of you,

Chaplain Rick & Lynne Vincent
cell 609-351-4200
Ezra 7:10