September-November 2017 Ministry Update

September -November 2017

Dear Fellow Laborers in Christ,

Please forgive our delay in keeping you all updated with what we have been doing. We have been in Florida for 2 years as of the end of September.

The end of August, my mother had surgery. The surgery was a success but her recovery has been slower than expected. She came home from the nursing home just before hurricane Irma came directly over our area. Weekly trips to the Doctor’s and all the visits from the visiting nurses and now here we are in the beginning of November.  

Of course, our ministry has continued during this time. I was having a difficult time at the state prison and met with the Chaplain explaining to him the difficulties I was experiencing. We worked through those problems and now I visit there on a weekly basis, instead of twice a month. It has also triple my work load there.  PTL! I have more students in the Prison Bible School.

We have been living with my Mom and Dad since we came here. The mobile home directly across the street from them came up for sale. We were able to buy it September 19, but it needs a lot of renovation! We will able to still continue to help them but we will have our own space to retire to at the end of the day. We are still renovating it and probably have another month of work before we can move in. We are anxious to see this come to fruition.
The Orlando Outreach is a blessing to us each and every Saturday. We have been meeting folks in local neighborhoods and asking for any Bibles they might have that they are not using, that could be donated to our ministry so we can donate them to the men coming out of prison who might need them. We also send the Bibles into different prisons around the country. The men coming out of prison need clothing, small kitchen appliances, fans, space heaters, etc… so we have been collecting these items and taking extra trips to Orlando to drop it off.

We had a request in early October from a prison ministry in Atlanta, GA asking us for 5,000 copies of one of our tracts, Menace to Society, that we had not reprinted because we had been printing other tracts and bookmarks. They wanted it to include in the bags they are put together to distribute to 5,000 inmates in their area. I shared the need with some folks I know and they donated the money for us to reprint them and the ministry in GA sent us the money for postage. We got all that done and they actually received them November 3! PTL!  
We broadcast on the following radio stations: every Sunday morning on KIOU 1480 AM/FM Shreveport, LA at 10:45 a.m. ‘til 11:00 a.m. and on WDZY AM/FM 1290 Richmond, VA every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. ‘til 1:45 p.m. and on WYYC AM/FM 1250 every Thursday 12:30 ‘til 12: 45 p.m. We need individuals or churches to come along side of us to sponsor these programs. If you’d like to sponsor one of our broadcasts, please contact us, we would love to have your support.   

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving. 

If you have any prayer requests please let us know, so until next time.  

May God richly bless you and yours.

All for His glory,

Chaplain Rick & Lynne Vincent
Ezra 7:10